Psychometric Testing

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We have partnered with a reliable SHL/CEB licenced UK-based psychometric testing company to assist with your recruitment and selection requirements. Out partner is licenced to supply and administer a wide range of online psychometric tests, behavioural profiling and assessment tools.

Behavioural Testing Options

The SHL OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) is a robust psychometric test for candidate assessment in recruitment and selection, personal development and career transition. Completed online, it invites candidates to describe their behaviour, preferences and attitudes, in relation to different aspects of their working life.

For the behavioural assessment of Managers within recruitment or development we recommend one of the following reports from the OPQ32 untimed questionnaire, subject to your specific needs:

Management: SHL OPQ32 Manager Plus Report
Senior Management: SHL OPQ32 Premium Report
Management Development: SHL OPQ32 Development Action Planner

Ability Testing Options

SHL ability tests (sometimes referred to as “aptitude tests”) are designed to assess the candidates’ Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning skills. An Inductive Reasoning Test is also available for graduate and managerial roles. Also known as an “Abstract or Logical Reasoning Test”; it is used to measure the candidates’ logical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

There are six levels of tests available and five different industry comparison groups that can be used and for the cognitive ability testing, we recommend the following testing options:

SHL Ability Test (Numerical, Verbal or Inductive Reasoning)
SHL Ability Test Report for candidate feedback

Judgement Testing Options

For management judgement testing, we recommend the following testing options:

Graduates: SHL Graduate Judgement Scenarios Test
Managers: SHL Manager Judgement Scenarios Test
Senior Managers: SHL Executive Scenarios Test