Frequently Asked Questions

The only stupid question is the one you don't ask

How will you contact me? - We are able to contact you in in any way you wish – we ask this question during our initial contact and fully understand & respect that you may want to be contacted at certain times of the day by different mediums.

Will I receive a lot of emails? - No. We run marketing campaigns that we hope are informative, helpful and add value. We do not send countless emails and fill up your mailbox.

Will I have to meet with a member of the Keastone team? - We like to meet everyone we work with, either face-to-face or via an online platform such as FaceTime, Skype or WhattsApp video. This has exceptional benefits for you as it allows us to uncover skills and attributes that aren’t on your CV, give more detail on the role and learn more about you and what you are looking for. It is always good to put a face to a name. We do understand that on occasion this is not feasible due to time, distance and hardware constraints, however our philosophy is to use the technology at our disposal.

Where do you get my details from? - We work with leading software on the market that houses your information securely. The information is sourced from applications you have made, job board online databases you have signed up for and other platforms such as Linked In.

Will you share my details? - Your details are not shared under any circumstances without your consent. This includes prospective employers or any third parties. All details are securely stored – please access our privacy policy for more details or contact a member of the team.

What happens if I no longer want you to hold any of my information? - You have the right to be forgotten from all Keastone systems. If you activate this right your details will be removed and we will not contact you. The door is always open if you change your mind later down the line.

Will I only be able to speak with you during normal working hours? - We are here as much or as little as you need us – this includes out of standard business hours and over the weekend. We want you to be comfortable, happy and in a position to speak freely.

What details are you able to give me on the role I am applying for? - We endeavour to meet the client we are working with to get a true sense of the business, the team, the type of management, future progression opportunities, benefits and remuneration packages and overall environment you will be going into, as well as a full job description. We provide as much information as possible to ensure you are able to make an informed decision.

Do you recommend job boards? - Job boards are a double edged sword. Excellent for exposure but you put your personal details out for the world (including your current employer) to see. Personal details such as address, telephone number, where you went to school and hobbies are instantly accessible. We prefer to work with discretion and confidentiality, under the radar. If you register with us, your information is secure.

What happens if I am offered a role that I don’t want to progress with? - We do not hard sell or pressure any candidate to do anything they are not comfortable with. Our modus operandi is to provide all the information for you to make an informed decision. We will then work with you to find the role you really want.

What do you do with my CV? - Your CV goes into our database and if you wish to go forward for a position we re-format your information to present your skillset as effectively as possible. On average hiring managers spend 7 seconds reviewing an application – our CV template will give you the competitive advantage.

Why not go direct to employers? - There are a number of reasons to use Keastone, instead of going directly to an employer, including but not limited to:

  • We often work confidentially on roles that are not advertised directly by the business
  • We will work with you on your application and CV, increasing your chances of a successful application
  • We are able to market and sell your skillset to potential employers through our pre-existing relationships
  • We are experienced and professional, giving you the competitive advantage
  • We guide you through the entire process from preparing your application, to interview preparation, to resignation and your transition into your new role.
  • We do the heavy lifting on your application

What if I don’t know what I want to do next? - It’s always good to talk – we want long term and successful relationships with all candidates and we are always able to give genuine, impartial advice. We think outside the box and can present you with options you might not have thought of before...?

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us today.